Do the politicians use the Covid-19 virus against the civilian population to force the global government? Something is completely and very wrong with our politicians.

Jeg har valgt ikke å oversettet dette til norsk, fordi det vil bli litt for rotete. De fleste av oss kan lese engelsk, derfor lar jeg hele den originale teksten stå.

MADRID Real Doctors Dismantling medically the false pandemic of the COVID-19. Public announcement Against false information 26 July 2020, 14:56pm Madrid: ' Doctors for the truth '. Dismantling medically the false pandemic of the COVID-19

PRESS CONFERENCE IN SPAIN. With the participation of hundreds of professionals of the whole world, « Médicos for the truth » denounced that the Covid-19 is a false pandemic created with political ends. It urged doctors, means and political authorities to stop the operation, spreading the truth. In a frame of great emotion and world expectation, the Association of Doctors appeared in a press conference for the Truth, on Saturday, the 25th of July in Madrid.

The group led by the doctors Natalia Prego Cancelo and Angel Luis Valdepeñas, realized a connection in direct with the outside parliament commission of doctors of Germany, the group Epidemiologist of Argentina, and doctors of the United States and Argentina. The event began with the intervention of Heiko Schöning, representative of the Commission. Outside parliament of the Study of the Coronavirus German. There were interventions on line of professionals from Argentina and the United States. He concluded with the revision to 4 fundamental points of interpellation the Government and Spanish authorities on the part of the Association Doctor for the Truth.

The presentation, in a room of events of the Palace of the Press of Madrid, was provided with the assistance of more than 400 persons, between half a general practitioners and alternative, medical, and auxiliary. There were exhibited information, numbers, analysis and reflections that put in evidence the incoherent and harmful of the measurements that are applied on a global scale concerning the Covid-19. « A world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse »

« This is a world dictatorship with a sanitary excuse », was underlined at the end of the meeting. The doctors coincide in that: The victims of the coronavirus do not outnumber the dead persons for seasonal flu of last year.

The numbers were exaggerated by means of an alteration of the protocols it was underlined at the end of the meeting. The doctors coincide in that: The victims of the coronavirus do not outnumber the dead persons for seasonal flu of last year. The numbers were exaggerated by means of an alteration of the medical protocols. The committal of the healthy ones and the necessary use of masks do not have scientific foundation. The well-known illness as Covid-19 does not have only one infectious pattern, but a combination of them.

There are poisonous crossed bosses », said Angel Luis Valdepeñas. « On the one hand the electromagnetic contamination of 5G, and for other the influence of the anti-flu vaccination. There is an interaction and a strengthening, which must be investigated ». Angel Luis Valdepeñas underlined at the end of the meeting: " Him it is necessary to say to our governments that IT SHOULD HAPPEN to THEM to force to vaccinate, even to recommend it, for a felt minimum of prudence ». Valdepeñas concluded his final intervention asking the press « an effort of responsibility that we have not seen even now ", and criticized the" continuous bombardment of information on the pandemic, without weighing neither the quantity nor the quality of the information ". The doctor indicated that when the media talk about "new outbreaks", they should clarify that these are only positive tests, but that 98 percent are "healthy, asymptomatic people." At the end of the event, the panellists took to the streets followed by the numerous attendees to the cry of Freedom! Together they walked to the Plaza de Callao, the usual meeting place for the 2020 Movement. There they chatted, for more than 2 hours, with attendees and people who had not been able to access the room.

To find out more , to see the truth click the link to see the doctors on stage doing there chats.

Please remember: People are not dangerous! Our politicians are!

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